1. For the first time in the modern history of Christianity high level leaders and representatives of the various Church
traditions gathered together to listen to, learn from, and stand with discriminated and persecuted Churches ...

Sixth Annual Asia Emerging Leaders’ Summit Concludes in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Emerging leaders from 14 different Asian countries were encouraged this past January to consider more active roles for themselves and their church communities in areas labeled “public spheres.”

Evangelicals Herald Asia's Century to Disciple Young
In terms of the percentage it comprises of the world's population, Christianity has declined in the last century. This decline is set to continue unless Christians revisit their approach to missions, evangelical leaders from across Asia heard at a gather

NEIGHBOURS CONGRESS 26-30 September 2011
The seventy five (75) delegates from twenty (21) countries participated in "The Gospel and Our Neighbours of Others Faiths Congress," organised by Asia Evangelical Alliance which was hosted by Hallelujah Community Church, Sungnam City, Korea from 26 –

Japan Disaster Relief Update, March 23
Immanuel General Mission has set up Disaster Relief Section in our headquarters so that we may come to know the loss and pain of those churches that were stricken hard by the earthquakes and tsunami. More than ten days have passed since March 11...

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