Taliban Militants Attack Christians in Pakistan
The Talibanization of Karachi city begins with attack of armed Taliban on a Christian colony. The attack was well organized and heavy firearms were used by hundreds of Taliban to threaten unarmed Christian elders, women and children...

Pray for Sri Lanka as Parliament votes on Anti-Conversion Bill
The renewed interest by the JHU to proceed with the proposed anti-conversion bill and certain news reports have created much interest in this issue and fuelled many rumours.

Memory of Martyrdom of Christians In Orissa
On January 22, 1999 Graham Stuart Staines (aged 58) and his sons Phillip (aged 9) and Timothy (aged 7) were burnt alive for their faith in Christ and service to the poor. Since August 2008 onward at least 67 followers of Christ have witnessed to their fai

AEA General Assembly
Theme: 'Asian Church and contemporary challenges'.
Date: 4th - 6th August 2008, in New Delhi, India

Bangladesh Cyclone Triggers Massive Aid Efforts, Prayers
Churches and Christians across Bangladesh have volunteered to help and aid the injured and desolated families in the aftermath of the devastating tropical cyclone

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