A teaching seminar on the Theology of Persecution & Discipleship
In the shadow of the cross - a seminar on the Biblical theology of persecution and discipleship, organized by the Evangelical Fellowship of Asia(EFA) in partnership with Voice of the Martyrs - Canada (VoM) brought together 34 delegates from 13 countries

Theology of Persecution - Training of Trainers Seminar
Held in Sri Lanka in April 2006. This seminar taught by Rev. Glenn Penner of VOM Canada, brought together 34 leaders and teachers of theology from 13 Asian nations.

EFA and Micah Network joint Consultation on Social Concerns and Justice - IDPs
In February 2006, Christian leaders in South Asia gathered together in Sri Lanka for 3 days to address the issue of internally displaced people and refugees. Asia is home to a very large refugee population, and it is a serious issue, particularly in South

MECF Women Conference Report
By the grace of God, the first nation wide MECF Women Conference was held from October 18 to 21, 2005, at the Free Methodist Church Centre in Yangoon, with the guidance and help of the Women's Commission of Evangelical Fellowship of Asia's team under th

A Teaching Seminar on the Theology of Persecution & Discipleship
Taught by Rev. Glenn M. Penner Presented by Evangelical Fellowship of Asia (EFA) In partnership with Voice of the Martyrs (VOM).

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