Press Release

"The Triune God: Creation, Church and Consummation"
We, the members of the Asia Evangelical Alliance Theological Commission (AEA: TC), along with church leaders from Asia, gathered for The Asia Church Congress Theological Consultation. The leaders from twelve Asian countries represented a broad spectrum of

Church burnt in Mardan near Peshawar in Pakistan
Asia Evangelical Alliance condemns the burning of a church in Mardan, near Peshawar, Pakistan on September 21 by a Muslim mob

AEA Grieves, Prays for Japan's Biggest Disaster
We at Asia Evangelical Alliance are shocked and deeply grieve the loss of lives and devastation caused by Japan's strongest-ever earthquake and the tsunami yesterday...

Iraqi Christians flee after violence
Innocent Christians shot dead in Iraq REPORTED THE WASHINGTON POST

Innocent Christians shot dead in Pakistan
The Asia Evangelical Alliance expresses profound grief over the death of two Christians who were shot death in Pakistan according to reports.

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