Religious Liberty Consultation

20 May 2006

The EFA/WEA Religious Liberty Commission consultation held in Bangkok (19-20 May 2006) featured a round table discussion on religious liberty in Asia, with attendants from India, Sri Lanka, Burma, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Indonesia.

Reports from all these countries revealed that the church is growing despite a strong resistance to the Gospel, and that an effective way of evangelizing is living out the truth. A representative from a restricted country, for example, indicated that many joined the Christian churches saying, “We see you live a totally new life and it really appeals to us.”

Commission members also made plans for the future and talked about issues like the WEA’s involvement in the UN, the need to have an Institute on Religious Liberty in Europe, the problem of information overload, the growth of radical Islam, the isolation of evangelicals in society, the strong anti-Christian trends in Europe, and statements by “evangelicals” that do no represent the views of WEA.


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