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Pastors & Ministry Leaders in Cambodia

Father and moher wounds cause families, churches and society to implode because of the insecurities and issues that develop in our lives. Be equipped to identify these issues in your lives and how to raise up the men in your sphere of influence to live out their God given roles as fathers and leaders.

This meeting is being conducted in-person specially for Cambodia.

Apart from the training by Cassie and inspiring testimony by a pastor, you will meet the experienced facilitators from TWNAF and have the opportunity to learn more on their resources, training and support for Pastors in Cambodia to implement TWNAF materials.




WATCH: Cassie's D6 Asia Session

Cassie was a main speaker at D6 Asia Family Conference 2022. Listen to how you (fathers) can bring heaven into your homes.

WATCH: Cassie's Testimony:

Hear how God used the horrors in a refugee camp to start this global movement - 'The World Needs A Father'. Be  inspired by this story from the founder of the movement, Cassie Carstens.


1 hour  - Cassie Carstens
30mins - TWNAF Lived out
30mins - Question & Answer with Panel
1 hour - Interaction with TWNAF Facilitators

Walk-in registration will be accepted but may not be entitled to the book gift
subject to availability at the organizer's discretion.
Please arrive by 8.30am to register.



If you cannot come to Phnom Penh, you can still join us by Zoom (9am-11am).
Just use the form below.

2 hour session (for the rest of Asia) starts at:

7am (5+GMT) - Pakistan
7.30am (5.30+GMT) - India
7.45am (5.45 GMT) - Nepal
8am (6+GMT) - Bangladesh
8.30am (6.30+ GMT) - Myanmar
9am (7+GMT) - Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand
10am (8+GMT) - Mongolia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore
11am (9+GMT) - Japan


AEA D6 Asia is pleased to partner The World Needs A Father (TWNAF) to help grow the movement around Asia. If you would like to connect with Fathering movements that TWNAF has started and are running in your country, do drop us a line.
Together we can help build up the Church and Home to live out the principles of Deuteronomy 6.

The next D6 Asia Family Conference 2023 is coming soon.

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Save the date - 19-20 May 2023


People who have attended D6Family Conferences from around the world ....

Ps Jerry

I found it to be life-changing and also very informative. We would like to bring it back to church and then apply what we could.


The big take away is the restoration of family, of marriage and relationship, not only with God but with our family members.


I feel that D6 has really equipped me in the children ministry and also equipped me as a parent to my children


I am so privileged to be given the opportunity to attend this D6 Conference.  I have learned a lot and had some regrets now that my 2 daughters are now grown-ups.  I had so many wishes that we should have done when my children were still in their formative years. Praise the Lord that we can still do intentional parenting as long as they are still living with us.  Praise God for the excellent resource person.  The workshops were very helpful too.

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