Brief Update in the last 30 days

Shabhaz Masih Boota - Pakistan

  • Situation due to COVID-19 is becoming worse, Pakistan is becoming one of the riskiest places in term of corona virus with hundred thousand cases. More than 2,000 people died.
  • Situation of lockdown is slightly opening (many stores & institutions are being opened).
  • Very sad that so many people are not following the precaution set by the government and still think that corona virus is just a myth, including some of Christian people as well.
  • Many politicians, high profile people got infected and died.
  • June- August will be the peak.
  • Alliance responds very positively in showing the love of God and hope not only to Christians also the Moslems brothers and sisters who are in great need (not only prayer and words but also in act like financial support, etc).
  • In slum area the situation is very bad.
  • Initiative to do something for children (by bringing food they like & tennis ball) to comfort them & give smiles on their tiny faces.
  • Please pray for some key Christian leaders who also get infected, for Pakistan due to new cases coming because of removal of lockdown, and the locust attack unto the crops. Many people dan farmers also food provision is affected.
    Please continue praying for the alliance to be a hope and motivation to churches and leadership.
  • Provide encouragement to local churches through forums on social media, through recorded talks and articles on magazines.
  • General Secretary is writing a book on “Suffering Church in the Context of Pakistan” to provide believers with solid biblical teaching in the midst of false teachings. The book will be ready by end of this year.
  • Relief work providing ration to people in need. As minority in the country, Christians are being discriminated and not getting support from most relief organizations.

From now until end of June:

  • Raise support to help more people in need, especially those are on daily wages and have no way of surviving.
  • Continue provide more teachings through different forums.


  • Faith will grow in this pandemic, the church will be revived and ready to help people in need.
  • God would open more ways to help our Christian and Hindus communities as most of them are getting support and rations from M Organization because they are Christians. May God eliminate discriminations.
  • Our government make wise decisions protecting and helping the people in the country.
  • National Alliance able to help people and meet their needs both spiritually and physically.

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