Confirmed COVID-19 Cases by Country


Brief Update in the last 30 days


John Yates - Australia

  • No updates simply due to very different situation, very large economic implications but very minor health implications.
  • Please pray for big change that people will stay online.

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Martha Das - Bangladesh

  • Situation is getting worse.
  • Lockdown again, very strictly.
  • Please pray for wisdom for the government.

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Samnang Tep - Cambodia

  • The situation is quite good situation, with 126 cases only mostly from overseas rather than form Cambodian.
  • School and religious activities are closed (only small meeting less than 10 people). Children has challenges in studying online.
  • Economic impacted.
  • Please pray especially for children & churches.

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Vijayesh Lal – India

  • COVID-19: 5th in the world with more than 10,000 cases/day, 11,000 cases yesterday. Not exploded in India, the peak will be probably by the end of July 2020.
  • Worst problem: failed lockdown. Huge loss to the economic. The government tends to “wash their hands” regarding responsibility to the state government.

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Timothy Iwagami Takahito - Japan

  • The case in Japan is getting better. The soft lockdown has finished at the end of May 2020, and has been starting the new normal life with social distancing
  • 20-30 new cases/day, but the Government states that it is under control.
  • Business are already opened, as well as some public areas (restaurants, museums, etc).
  • Japanese churches started gathering for worship/prayer meeting in June in limited way but still by asking limited people to come.
  • Please pray due to natural disaster during COVID-19 situation this coming summer with rainy season, many typhoons to come, earthquakes.

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Joseph Lee - Korea

  • Situation has been improved with distancing in daily life.
  • Still waiting whether the educational facilities, sport facilities, are allowed to be opened step by step.
  • School: combine between offline & online classes.
  • Rate of infection of COVID-19 is increasing and getting worse again
  • There are some different thoughts/ pros-cos among pastors regarding online service. Also there is struggle on how to do online service. Please pray for this.

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Sher AC - Nepal

  • Situation due COVID-19 is getting worse, it’s 78th day of lockdown with number of infected people is 3,762 and 14 people died, and thousands of migrant workers are coming from different countries.
  • Big challenge for the government to manage the situation both in health and economic crisis.

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Shabhaz Masih Boota - Pakistan

  • Situation due to COVID-19 is becoming worse, Pakistan is becoming one of the riskiest places in term of corona virus with hundred thousand cases. More than 2,000 people died.
  • Situation of lockdown is slightly opening (many stores & institutions are being opened).
  • Very sad that so many people are not following the precaution set by the government and still think that corona virus is just a myth, including some of Christian people as well.

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Ezekiel Tan – Singapore

  • Singapore has moved from full lockdown to some relaxation in phase 1 of three phases. Church service in general is still not allowed.
  • Migrant ministry in partnership with Alliance of Guest Workers Outreach providing food, supplies and other humanitarian's aid to up to ten of thousands of workers daily.
  • Providing training via digital platform in partnership with The Bible Society of Singapore.
  • Outreach in partnership with TSPM/CCC

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