Brief Update in the last 30 days

Sher AC - Nepal

  • Situation due COVID-19 is getting worse, it’s 78th day of lockdown with number of infected people is 3,762 and 14 people died, and thousands of migrant workers are coming from different countries.
  • Big challenge for the government to manage the situation both in health and economic crisis.
  • Alliance is helping the needy people with limited resources, but having hardship with the government since they said that if the alliance wants to help they should help everyone instead of Christian only.
  • Prayer movement & fellowship are going on. Most of churches are working on different kind of virtual/online trainings, many fellowship (women fellowship, youth fellowship, children Sunday School, fasting prayer, through Skype, Zoom meetings, etc).
  • Please pray for people especially for young people with no class, no work, no proper fellowship. Also, for the pastors & leaders who are losing their jobs & income/salary, and for the country during this hard time of economic crisis.
  • Please pray for the church, for a place/building.
  • God gave a verse from Nahum 1:7
    “The Lord is good, refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him”.
  • In partnership with local government and Christian society, NCF distributed food items to people in need.
  • Formed relief effort to help people in different parts of the country.


  • Churches under uncertainty during lockdown period as most of them gather in rented facilities.

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