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By 2030, Asian Christian women will be empowered and recognized as leaders and key contributors in the local church and society. We desire to see each woman arise to the fullness of God's design and calling, whether in the home, church or marketplace.

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D6 ASIA 2023 - D6 is the Answer to 'DA'


Past Events

Family Conflict and Domestic Abuse

After more than 200 hours of combined work together between Family First Global, Bilangan Research Center (BRC) and Asia Evangelical Alliance, on 1 March 2022, more than 1,600 pastors, church leaders, Christian organization leaders attended the International Webinar on "Overcoming Family Conflict and Domestic Abuse in Asia – Survey Findings on Family Conflict and Domestic Abuse in Indonesia, Philippines, Nepal and Mongolia".

WATCH THIS SPACE for the event video recording!

Biblical Understanding of Domestic Violence in the Family

With almost 1 in 3 women being subjected to domestic abuse globally, the AEA Women Commission hosted the webinar on “Biblical Understanding of Domestic Violence in the Family” on September 3, 2021. About 350 participants from 34 nations came together for the event.

In this video, you will hear Sister Grace Hee, AEA Women Commission Executive Director open the webinar with a concern of how Domestic Violence cases have risen exponentially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The key speakers are Ms. Aashima Samuel from India who introduced the topic of Domestic Violence; Ms. Amanda Jackson, Executive Director, WEA Women Commission speaking on the Biblical Perspective on Domestic Violence; Rev. Martha Das from Bangladesh who spoke on the Impact of Domestic Violence on Churches; and Emma Scott from Restored UK, who spoke on identifying signs of domestic abuse in a victim. Included are also stories of DV from Sis. Ruby John and Sis. Amal from Pakistan, and Sis. Mahoko from Japan.

Grief Care During Covid-19 Crisis

Given the unprecedented, earth-shaking pandemic and the effects of loss of loved ones, employment, businesses and social gatherings, grief was evident everywhere. To grief is God-ordained and not to be short-cut. The Women Commission hosted the July 2, 2021 webinar and nearly 200 gathered across Asia showing the relevance of the topic. Pastor Mahoko Iwagami shared from her heart and many were comforted.

Widows Virtual Fellowship

Asia-wide gathering of widows

For the first time on June 25, 2021, an Asia-wide gathering of widows with over 100 participants was hosted by the AEA Women Commission in collaboration with PCEC Philippines. It was a heart-warming and intimate time as the widows recalled how God turned their "Valley of Baca" (Ps84:5-6) into joy. There was a demand for another in 2022.

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