Brief Update in the last 30 days

Joseph Lee - Korea

  • Situation has been improved with distancing in daily life.
  • Still waiting whether the educational facilities, sport facilities, are allowed to be opened step by step.
  • School: combine between offline & online classes.
  • Rate of infection of COVID-19 is increasing and getting worse again
  • There are some different thoughts/ pros-cos among pastors regarding online service. Also there is struggle on how to do online service. Please pray for this.
  • Evangelical church communities actively prayed for the prevention of COVID-19 virus infections in each church.
  • Korean churches have prayed in repentance of their sins before God. Based on the words of Romans 13:1.
  • Each church delivered relief offerings and supplies for victims of COVID-19 pandemic.

Will continue following Government’s policy to actively prevent COVID-19 virus infections.


  • Infected patients.
  • Recovery of COVID-19 pandemic damage and economic difficulties.
  • Repentance and renewal of individual believer, church and the country. (Christians in Korea have repented their sins with grief before God during the COVID-19 period. Our believers admitted that COVID-19 Pandemic is the discipline of God’s love).

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