Brief Update in the last 30 days

Martha Das - Bangladesh

  • Situation is getting worse.
  • Lockdown again, very strictly.
  • Please pray for wisdom for the government.
  • 24-hours Chain Prayer on March 26th throughout the country under the United Forum of Churches Bangladesh-UBFC (Evangelicals, Catholics and Ecumenicals).
  • NCFB initiated 18-hour chain prayer 18 hours with all Church Denominations.
  • Koininia (relief arm of NCFB) distributed relief goods to 1,000 poor families.
  • NCFB has distributed relief goods to 300+ families through 13 different church denominations.
  • In the process of finding resources to provide financial support to 100 Pastors’ families who serve in rural areas.

From now until end of June:

  • Seeking support for pastors and evangelist in rural areas through income generation (poultry firm, goat rearing, small business).
  • Seeking for support on long-term impact on Women, children & youth.
  • Planning to educate leaders and pastors with devotional resources with Theological Reflection prepared by Churches, AEA/ FBOs in this challenging time.
  • Koinonia will carry out 2nd phase relief.


  • Government leaders for wisdom from God to tackle this situation.
  • The Leadership team of NCFB for wisdom and ability to address the need of Christians in this crisis.
  • Financial resources to help needier people and continue run our program.
  • Unity and revival among Churches in Bangladesh.

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