Brief Update in the last 30 days

Timothy Iwagami Takahito - Japan

  • The case in Japan is getting better. The soft lockdown has finished at the end of May 2020, and has been starting the new normal life with social distancing.
  • 20-30 new cases/day, but the Government states that it is under control.
  • Business are already opened, as well as some public areas (restaurants, museums, etc).
  • Japanese churches started gathering for worship/prayer meeting in June in limited way but still by asking limited people to come.
  • Please pray due to natural disaster during COVID-19 situation this coming summer with rainy season, many typhoons to come, earthquakes.
  • Encouraged evangelical churches in the country to pray in unity for Japan.
  • Theological Committee doing research to provide encouragement to churches, pastors, and believers.
  • Relief Committee conducting survey on financial impact to local churches.

From now until end of June:

  • Theological Committee will produce a booklet “COVID-19 and Japanese Church” in June.
  • Relief Committee will plan for financial help to local churches and pastors.


  • Churches to stand firm in strong faith.
  • God’s protection over Japan and Asian countries affected by the pandemic.
  • Christian community that is going through a challenging situation as never before (scheduled events and conferences in Feb-Jun are cancelled, Sunday services go online).
  • God’s protection for all staff and people from COVID-19 infection.

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