Myanmar at Taman Sri Kuching


  • Issued advisory to churches regarding handling the situation of COVID-19 and technical advice on how to conduct services on live stream.
  • Provided daily devotionals for more than 50 days.
  • Handed out food aids to indigenous people, Myanmar people and local.
  • Look at ways to support churches who are impacted financially.

From now until end of June:

  • Will carry out response in May 13th - 22th for provinces (Kampong Chhnang, Kampong Thom, Kandal and Kam Pot) according to the assessment of needs conducted before.
  • Continue to work with provincial networks to understand the situation and identify the most vulnerable areas.
  • Will work with members, partners and donors to help people in need and study how to support for COVID-19 recovery with different partners.


  • Spread of COVID-19 to be come down.
  • The economy will revive that poor families will be able to find jobs and support the family.

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