December 2022 Newsletter

Most churches in Asia and globally were impacted by government restrictions as part of the worldwide response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Around March 2020, Asian governments, at both the national and local levels, began to impose measures and restrictions affecting religious gatherings, including churches, to curb the spread of COVID-19. In some places, the restrictionsContinue reading December 2022 Newsletter


“Everything rises and falls on leadership.” – John Maxwell. How does John Maxwell’s statement (at the top) apply to a local church? Scripture claims that the Lord Jesus is the one building His church (Matt. 16:16). How much of a role, then, does leadership play in the rise (growth) and fall (decline) of a localContinue reading AUGUST 2022 NEWSLETTER


A recent survey among married Christians, conducted in four Asian countries (Mongolia, Nepal, Indonesia, and the Philippines), revealed a rather horrific reality. The online survey was done in October-December 2021, with 1,150 respondents representing these four countries. The survey looked at five types or dimensions of domestic abuse: physical, emotional, financial, spiritual, and sexual. TheContinue reading MARCH 2022 NEWSLETTER


The COVID-19 pandemic has limited Christians’ access to face-to-face spiritual nourishment provided by their own church, whether through Sunday worship, Wednesday Bible studies, cell group and discipleship gatherings, or other church activities. Pastors were anxious and concerned whether online church programs, such as streaming Sunday worship and Zoom Bible study sessions, would be adequate toContinue reading NOVEMBER 2021 NEWSLETTER


AEA November 2021 NEWSLETTER

AEA November 2021 Newsletter is available. Click here to read Click on the links below to read each article. Digital Resources, Covid 19 and Spiritual Growth in Indonesia Churches Adapting to the Digital Age Is God Against A Data Driven Church ? An Introduction to the AEA Digital and Media 13 Commission A Report fromContinue reading AEA November 2021 NEWSLETTER


The Bible teaches that disciple-making begins at home, but how many Christian families are actually doing it? How many churches have emphasized this function? And how well are we doing it? The quality of family discipleship became a crucial issue during the COVID-19 pandemic. People couldn’t attend church, so there was no Sunday school forContinue reading SEPTEMBER 2021 NEWSLETTER


Recent research by the Bilangan Research Center (BRC) in Jakarta on disciple making and evangelism points to areas where the church in Indonesia should focus its investment in the months and years to come. Areas needing attention include (1) the gap between evangelism and disciple making; (2) the gap in evangelism engagement between the periodsContinue reading JULY 2021 NEWSLETTER

Intergenerational Leadership

Bambang Budijanto – General Secretary A. INTRODUCTION Most of us are familiar with the terms, “succession of leadership,” or “transition of leadership,” and probably “regeneration of leadership.”  In most cases they are understood as the passing of baton from one generation (usually older) to the next generation (usually younger) of leader(s) or leadership in anContinue reading Intergenerational Leadership