Vijayesh Lal – India

  • COVID-19: 5th in the world with more than 10,000 cases/day, 11,000 cases yesterday. Not exploded in India, the peak will be probably by the end of July 2020.
  • Worst problem: failed lockdown. Huge loss to the economic. The government tends to “wash their hands” regarding responsibility to the state government.
  • Migrant crisis after the lockdown on March, 22, left with no food, no jobs, no public transportation. They started walking back home thousands of kilometres and many people died on the way.
  • The evangelical alliance has mobilized 1st National Day of Prayer & Fasting for the Nation on March 29, 2020. There are networks that have been praying 24 hours.
  • On Pentecost Day, another prayer joined not by the Evangelical but also the Catholic and being Oecumenical, under a campaign called One Sound One Hope for Nation.
  • The members are encouraged to mobilize help in and around their communities.
  • Open the help line for mental health issues for everybody not only for Christians.
  • Persecution is still going.
  • Being super spreaders of hope though the alliance and many Christian organizations are struggling to survive. So much to be done & so much happening.
  • Please pray for the team who are still working from home, since so much to do but still on lockdown.
  • EFI started COVID-19 Relief in mid-April, reached out to 2,265 families (of 4-5 people) in 16 states with dry ration for 2-3 weeks and direct cash support.
  • Nationwide prayers for COVID-19 on March 29th with Christians and Catholics in the country united together.

Will continue raise funds to support another 1,000 families.


  • Wisdom for government leaders to make the right decisions on whether to extend the lockdown.
  • Church leadership to think on how to do mission in the post-COVID-19 scenario

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