Founded in 1983, The Asia Evangelical Alliance (AEA) empowers National Alliances to be agents of transformation in Asia, by uniting evangelical churches for dynamic action in the areas of mission and Church Planting , Theology and Church Renewal, Religious Liberty, Social Concern, Women’s Ministry, Youth Ministry and Leadership Development.

History Timeline


EFA Inaugurated on 12th August


20th January 2nd February 1st General Assembly on the theme “The Holy Spirit and the Church” held in Philippines.


United Prayer Concert organized by EFA in India, Singapore, Indonesia, Macau, Hong kong, Philippines, Korea and Japan.


“The Church in the Midst of Suffering” – compendium published.

2nd General assembly, on the theme “Serving Christ together in Asia”.

A consultation on women’s concern on the theme“Being God’s women in Asia” 825 woman from 11 Asian countries attended this seminar.
Leaders consultation to Japan attended by Christian leaders from Japan, Korea and China.


Asian missions congress in Seoul,Korea on the theme “World Mission the Asian Challenge”1302 delegates from 50 nations attended this conference, this was a historic conference.


The 3rd general assembly on the theme ” See I am Doing A New thing”(Isaiah 19:19) in Bogor, Indonesia.

Asian church consultation on the theme“I Will Build My Church”, A compendium was published, 320 delegates from 25 nations participated at this event.


The Asian Alliance met together and formed a religious liberty commission to monitor the growing trend of religious fundamentalism and nationalism in Asia.


Asian mission congress on the theme“Asian Church in Mission” held in Thailand, attended by 390 participants.

The Youth Commission launched in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Consultation on “Children at risk” held in Bangkok.


Consultation on women in Asia,“The Role of Woman In the Family”, Church and society in the Asian context

Theological consultation on biblical stewardship.


Meeting with the Christian Conference of Asia – Chennai.

Leadership Development Seminar – Philippines.

Evangelical Fellowship of Mongolia joins EFA full member.

Women’s Commission Seminar – Mongolia.

Meeting with Christian leaders in Hong Kong.


Joint EFA/WEA Consultation – Religious Liberty trends in Asia – Thailand.

Meeting with Vietnamese Evangelical leaders.

Asian Leadership Development Institute – Manila.

Established Contact with Hong Kong and Macau.


Asian Church Congress – South Korea.

Meetings with the Australian Evangelical Alliance (AEA).

Pan Asian Christian Women’s Assembly – India.

Micah Challenge Launch, United Nations – USA.

Regional General Secretaries’ Meeting – USA.


EFA response to tsunami disaster needs.

EFA represented at WCC world conference on World Mission & Evangelism – Greece.

Oral submissions at UN HR Commission Geneva.

Meetings with Asian National General Secretaries.

Meetings with the Evangelical Fellowship of Cambodia.

Meetings with Vietnamese Leaders.

Women’s Conference in Myanmar.

Youth Forum (EFA/EFI Joint Consultation) India.

Emergency aid to Pakistan earthquake victims.

Strengthening the Evangelical Fellowship of Pakistan.

Release of the Asian Church Congress 2004 Compendium.

The first EFA website was launched.

EFA Consultation on Social Concerns and Justice for IDPs – Sri Lanka.

“In the Shadow of the Cross” A teaching seminar on the Theology of Persecution & Discipleship – Sri Lanka.

WEA & EFA joint Religious Liberty Roundtable Thailand.

Meeting with Pastors from Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches (PCEC).

Global Christian Forum in Asia (follow up meeting) a joint meeting of CCA, EFA, and FABC – Thailand.

Meeting with Israeli and Palestinian Christians.


Launch of the Asian IT Centre – Sri Lanka.

Websites for member Alliances.

EFA represented at the fourth seminar of the Asian movement for Christian unity (AMCU IV) – Malaysia.

Advocacy on behalf of the Korean hostages in Afghanistan.

Advocacy on behalf of Myanmar.

Advocates Asia Conference organized by EFA & NCEASL Sri Lanka.

EFA part of Global Christian Forum.


FA Ex-Co meets in Thailand to select new General Secretary Thailand.

EFA GS invited to be part of the South Asia Bible commentary project India.

Meeting with Christian leaders in Hong Kong.

Strengthening relationships with the Evangelical Fellowship of Singapore (EFOS).

Preparations for the EFA General Assembly.


AEA Co Sponsor Asia Emerging Leaders Summit 3, Chiang Mai, March 16-20 2009

Asia Evangelical Alliance, Mission Consultation, Bali, November 2009

AEA Mission Commission launched the “Corruption Kills Campaign”, November 2009


AEA Mission Commission Publication: EMERGING MISSION MOVEMENTS: Voices of Asia, March 2010


AEA Mission Consultation, Bangkok, April 2011


AEA General Assembly, New Delhi, April 2012


AEA Co Sponsored the 4/14 Missiological Conference, Korea, February 2013


AEA Co Sponsored Asia Emerging Leaders Conference on Leading in Public Sphere, Chiang Mai, January 11-14, 2014


AEA General Assembly, Bandung-Indonesia, 31 August 2016

Leadership transition of the Asia Evangelical Alliance’s Chairman, from Rev. Dr. David Sangbok Kim to Rev. Paul Ueki

Asia Mission Congress, Bandung-Indonesia, August 30 – September 1, 2016


Annual Meeting of the Executive Council of Asia Evangelical Alliance (AEA),  Bangkok-Thailand, February 26-28, 2019

new GS

AEA installs Rev. Dr. Bambang Budijanto as the new General Secretary and honors the legacy of Rev. Dr. Richard Howell


Asia Evangelical Alliance General Assembly, Virtual Conference, 17-18 November 2020

Leadership transition of the Asia Evangelical Alliance’s Chairman, from  Rev. Paul Ueki to Godfrey Yogarajah