AEA exists to promote and nurture networks and collaborations among Evangelicals in Asia for the purpose of strengthening and expanding the Kingdom of God in Asia and beyond.


By 2030 AEA will be recognized as the highly trusted and strategic platform for collaboration among Evangelicals in Asia.

Core Strategy

  1. Design the AEA Organization to be well structured to ensure effectiveness, accountability, sustainability, and flexibility.
  2. Develop effective leadership development process in each of the National Alliances.
  3. Draw an Intentional Strategy to facilitate the existence of a well respected and well accepted National Evangelical Alliance in the majority Asian Countries.
  4. Build an excellent Media Strategy at the region and each of the National Alliances.
  5. Empower each of the AEA Commission for greater collaboration to fulfill their task in
    executing AEA plans to achieve our common goals.
  6. Provide all means possible to stimulate, encourage, and support disciple-making (holistically) engagement of all people: all people groups, all ages and all nations.
  7. Prioritize the nurturing of the next generation of leaders.
  8. Mission Commission will function (among others) as the channel for the deployment of young missionaries from Asia to Asia.