Brief Update in the last 30 days.

Ezekiel Tan – Singapore

  • Singapore has moved from full lockdown to some relaxation in phase 1 of three phases. Church service in general is still not allowed.
  • Migrant ministry in partnership with Alliance of Guest Workers Outreach providing food, supplies and other humanitarian's aid to up to ten of thousands of workers daily.
  • Providing training via digital platform in partnership with The Bible Society of Singapore.
  • Outreach in partnership with TSPM/CCC.
  • Worked with the Government Ministry – Community Culture and Youth – to get direct information about COVID-19 and issue advisory to Churches working with the Government.
  • Helped Churches to buy surgical masks and hand sanitizers.
  • Helped to issue materials of outreach before the lockdown.
  • Alliance of Guest Workers Outreach (AGWO), which EFOS is a core component partner of distributed 407,259 Care Meals across 262 Factory-Converted Dormitories since April 10th. Over a hundred of churches are involved in the community outreach.
  • On May 7th, reached 12,000 guest workers with additional Care Packs across 260 dormitories in addition to the Care Meals. The Care Packs included the most essential items they need.
  • During Ramadan period, “Fast-breaking meals” such as dates were distributed to 4,000 Muslim guest workers.


  • Coronavirus situation - Though community spread is generally under control. Daily cases still high at about 400 dues to active swab tests, though great majority is among migrant workers.  Total cases more than 38,000.
  • AGM in July - change of name to Evangelical Alliance of Singapore, expansion of membership and ministry.

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