Sri Lanka

Emergency relief for vulnerable communities

  • Through the relief & development arm (ADT), provided dry ration packs to 1,800 families.
  • Through Mission Commission and Youth Wing, supported over 200 pastors and Christian families in immediate needs with assistance and dry rations.
  • ADT is currently is carrying out its work in 3 phases: a) Emergency b) Recovery c) Sustainable Development.

Engaging the Church and community

  • Provided churches with a COVID-19 Response Guidelines Toolkit.
  • Provided guidance to Regional Pastors’ Fellowship on response to the pandemic through webinars.
  • Provided scholarships to pastors’ children.
  • Created a booklet on laws governing the COVID-19 situation that is shared on social media platforms to raise public awareness.

Engaging youth during COVID-19 and promoting digital citizenship

  • Launched a Digital Citizenship Toolkit for youth in lockdown to promote responsible online behaviour. []
  • Social media campaigns promoting awareness and correct understanding of COVID-19.
  • The NCEASL is currently documenting online hate against vulnerable communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Collaborated with professional counselling groups providing support on mental health to vulnerable communities across the country.
  • Conducted webinars and digital discussion forums are being conducted with youth leaders in the districts.
  • Youth wing reached over 25,000 people via its social media platforms providing encouragements and carrying out campaign on mental health.

Engaging interfaith leaders

  • The NCEASL mobilised interfaith leaders on a health campaign, to dispel fake news, myths and educate their respective faith communities on how to respond to COVID-19.
  • A booklet is to be launched on the role of faith leaders in combating COVID-19.

Prayer mobilization

  • Mobilised prayer for the nation and worldwide situation of the pandemic through national church networks and prayer groups.

From now until end of June:

  • Continue relief work for vulnerable communities affected and assist those impacted through recovery stage interventions and engaging in sustainable development initiatives to affected communities.
  • Providing 5,000 Christian families with seeds and seedlings to equip the Christian families, churches in the recovery stage.
  • Webinars and digital forums for youth on digital citizenship.
  • Surveying the impact of COVID-19 on youth in Sri Lanka.
  • Launch a policy document detailing the outdated quarantine laws in use during this pandemic period in our country and provide recommendations to policy makers for a positive change.


  • The church in Sri Lanka to be resilient and know how to respond to this pandemic as we look for a period of recovery.
  • Leaders in the government that they will be granted wisdom to take the right decisions leading the country move past the economic hurdles coming our way.
  • The democratic situation in the country. Most of the decisions being taken by the current administration do not have a legal basis. We pray that we will be able to navigate this period of uncertainty as we look towards the elections that are planned next month.

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