Brief Update in the last 30 days

Samnang Tep - Cambodia

  • The situation is quite good situation, with 126 cases only mostly from overseas rather than form Cambodian.
  • School and religious activities are closed (only small meeting less than 10 people). Children has challenges in studying online.
  • Economic impacted.
  • Please pray especially for children & churches.
  • Encouraging Christians to stay strong and courageous through top denominational meeting sharing their experiences in dealing with COVID-19 in their denominations. Denominations created their video calling and made it public to serve national word of encouragement.
  • EFC has worked and donated USD1,000 to Ministry of Cults and Religions (MoC&R) to fight COVID-19 together with the Government of Cambodia. EFC members also made donations to government of Cambodia for support in different ways.
  • Bringing awareness of prevention in the communities in some provinces (Kampong Chhnang, Kampong Thom, Kampong Cham and Kandal).
  • Provided hand sanitizers, soaps, masks and temperature measurement guns, rice, noodles and other kind of food to the church networks to share to their communities. Provided soaps to 2,500 families/households.
  • EFC has spent about USD10,000 for COVID-19 response.

From now until end of June:

  • Will carry out response in May 13th - 22th for provinces (Kampong Chhnang, Kampong Thom, Kandal and Kam Pot) according to the assessment of needs conducted before.
  • Continue to work with provincial networks to understand the situation and identify the most vulnerable areas.
  • Will work with members, partners and donors to help people in need and study how to support for COVID-19 recovery with different partners.


  • Our work with church networks and local authority in the communities.
  • Practical strategy to reach out to people providing food assistance and counselling during lockdown period.
  • God’s protection for all staff and people from COVID-19 infection.

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