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HEARD is an Asian Christian Resource Center for preventing, understanding and stopping domestic abuse in families. We believe God has heard the cries of the abused wife, child, woman and man and calls upon the church and christian community to act in His Name


Domestic abuse is a sin. It is a pattern of negative behaviors used by a family member to gain power and control over another household member. Its spectrum can include physical, emotional, sexual, finance and spiritual abuses. This is contrary to the Christian faith and way of living. It pains God that this is happening. He wants it stopped.


AEA Survey on Family Violence and Domestic Abuse

In a December 2021 to May 2022 Asia-wide survey on family conflict and domestic survey, results show one in five evangelical church-going christian family in Asia experience domestic abuse.

This is too high and unacceptable. 
Watch the survey presentation…


Asian Pastors’ Consultation on Domestic Abuse

On July 24, 2023, an Asian-wide Consultation was held to bring together pastors, elders, Christian NGOs and leaders to dialogue on steps that can be taken by the Church to help stop domestic abuse in christian homes. Over 50 pastors and leaders from across Asia from Pakistan to Mongolia attended and there was a good sense of unity and resolve to do what it takes.

One key action was the CALL to ratify the STOP DOMESTIC ABUSE CHARTER for each local church.

AEA Pastors’ Consultation Domestic Abuse, Part 1

AEA Pastors’ Consultation Domestic Abuse, Part 2

The AEA (Asia Evangelical Alliance) calls upon the local churches in Asia to create awareness on this issue, take proactive preventive steps within their family units and support perpetrators and victims towards recovery and healing.

One of the first steps that Pastors, Elders and Leaders can take is to ratify the Stop Domestic Abuse Charter. By ratifying and agreeing to the Charter, you will be joining a movement of Asian churches working together to end domestic abuse.

Asian Pastors’ Consultation on Domestic Abuse

24 July 2023


AEA WC Webinar on Biblical Understanding on Domestic Abuse – Sept 2021

With almost 1 in 3 women being subjected to domestic abuse globally, the AEA Women Commission hosted the webinar on “Biblical Understanding of Domestic Violence in the Family” on September 3, 2021. About 350 participants from 34 nations came together for the event.

In this video, you will hear Sister Grace Hee, AEA Women Commission Executive Director open the webinar with a concern of how Domestic Violence cases have risen exponentially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

NECF WC Talk on Uncovering Domestic Abuse – June 2023


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