Our Four Years Goals in promoting, nurturing, collaborating, and cooperating among ministry organization and church networks in Asia.

AEA Promote and nurture unity, collaborations and cooperation among ministry organizations, church networks and primarily the National Evangelical Alliances within Asia and with those outside Asia for the purpose of building, strengthening and expanding the Kingdom of God in Asia and beyond.

Four Years Goals

  1. Legally register AEA (tentatively in Bangkok).
  2. Effective functioning of Secretariat with dedicated staff (tentatively: General Secretary,
    Media Coordinator, and Corporate Services, Administration Staff, and Special Staff to initiate and facilitate the establishment of new National Alliances).
  3. AEA Operational Handbook Published: clear job description for Commission Directors and Secretariat Staff, Term of Reference for accountability, resources and expectations.
  4. Fundraising strategy established and tested / piloted.
  5. Fundraising team appointed to execute AEA business model and strategy (if necessary hire a full time staff or part of the Administration Staff’s job).
  6. Effective functioning of Media and Social Media as one of the key features of AEA
  7. Establish at least two effective functioning alliance.
  8. The appointment and effective functioning of the AEA International Advisory Panel.
  9. Modelling effective steps toward an Intergenerational Cross Gender Leadership at the Executive Council.