Hosted by the Asia Evangelical Alliance, PGLII (The Fellowship of Indonesia Evangelical Churches and Institutions), Integrated Village Ministry (PESAT), and a local church in Bandung, 187 key leaders, observers and doctorate students on Theology in Mission from 19 countries, the Four-Yearly General Assembly of Asia Evangelical Alliance was held in Bandung, Indonesia simultaneously with a Mission Congress, under the theme of Ethical Leadership and Authentic Discipleship. The participants represent 13 member countries and 5 non-member countries (Australia, China, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Uzbekistan).

The General Assembly unanimously accepted the report presented by the AEA Executive Committee (2012-2016) and its Commissions accepted the report of the commended the able leadership of Dr. Rev. Dr. David, Sang-Bok, Kim, Ph.D. The General Assembly has also honored and gratefully accepted the resignation of Rev. Dr. David, Sang-Bok, Kim and endorsed the appointment of Rev. Dr. Paul Ueki, Ph.D., as the new chairman of the AEA Executive Committee for the period of 2016-2020.

The new Executive Committee for the period of 2016-2020, is as follows:

Rev. Dr. Paul Ueki, Ph.D., Japan

General Secretary
Rev. Dr. Richard Howell, India

Associate General Secretary
Dr. Bambang Budijanto, Ph. D., Indonesia

Dr. Chia, H.L. Lawrence, Singapore

Rev. Godfrey Yogarajah, Sri Lanka
Rev. Dr. Ronny Mandang, Indonesia
Bishop Philip Adhikary, Bangladesh
Rev. Dr. Wirachai Kowae
Bishop Noel Pantoja, Philippines
Rev. Myung Yhuk Kim, South Korea

Director of Mission Commission
Rev. Lawrence Ko, Singapore

Director of Family Commission
Rev. Matthew Ling, Singapore

Director of Youth
Rev. Joseph Lee, South Korea

Director of Children Commission
Tri Budiardjo, Indonesia

Director of Intra Faith Commission
Bishop Philip Adhikary, Bangladesh

Director of Church Relation Commission
Rev. Dr. Ajai Lall, India

Director of Women Commission
Dr. Yoon He Kim, South Korea

Director of Religious Liberty
Ms. Ymini Ravindran, Sri Lanka

Director of Information Technology
Mrs. Seri Lee, South Korea

Mission Congress

The church in Asia, as in many parts of the world is cautiously navigating its missions and ministries in a world increasingly driven by ‘goals’ and ‘success.’   In such environment, quite often numbers, revenues and bottom line measurements took precedence over ethic and relationship.

Questions have been raised, whether ‘leadership’ is biblical or what make a leadership a Christian one? People have put different adjectives to describe what kind of leadership represents both the organizational and the Christian nature of leadership. Terms such as, Effective Leadership, Impactful Leadership, Servant Leadership, Authentic Leadership, Successful Leadership, Influential Leadership, Relational Leadership, Level-5 Leadership and Biblical Leadership are widely circulated and studied by church leaders around the world.

In an increasingly global world and the holistic expression of our missions, shortfall of common practice in Christian leadership, one term critically needs expounding further is “Ethical Leadership.” What is ethical leadership? Does our leadership and services need to be “ethically” expressed? Who has the right define whether a leadership or service is ethical? What if ethical standard collide with results or the achievements of our missions? Where does Ethical Leadership reside in Biblical discourse?

On other dimension, the very core of Christian Mission entrusted to the church is “to make disciple,” which is to LEAD . . . ALL PEOPLE (ta ethne) (all races, all ages, all nationalities, all religions wherever they are located and in their spiritual journey), from the state of “FAR FROM CHRIST, to a state of “CLOSE TO CHRIST,” and becoming “LIKE CHRIST.” In a sense, the core business of the church is to grow by producing, equipping, resourcing, supporting its members to LEAD . . . ALL PEOPLE in the journey of become like Christ. In turn, these disciples in the making (all of us, including those we lead) are also tasked with the same MANDATE of “Making Disciple” of “LEADING.” It is essentially that biblical leadership development is Disciple Making, and disciple making is the Strategy, the Mandate, the Commission Jesus entrusted to us to achieve the Goal of our Mission, which is the leadership in business of the KINGDOM OF GOD.

The Asia Evangelical Alliance Church in Mission Congress senses the importance, timely and strategic nature of our gathering, as such that we have chosen the following theme: ETHICAL LEADERSHIP, AUTHENTIC DISCIPLESHIP AND THE KINGDOM OF GOD

The Congress, allocated 2 Biblical Reflection and 8 plenary sessions to explore and the expound on the theme, beside 4 Breakout Sessions on practical applications in the context of Youth & Children, Family, Community and present Global Digital World.

Photo Plenary, Table Discussions and Breakout Sessions

The valuation of the participants in average score the sessions at 7.80 to 10 scale. The participants are especially thankful and blessed by two Biblical Reflection ministered by Rev. CB Samuel. All participants highly appreciate the presentations of the topics on Raising Laborers (Bishop Efraim Tendoro), Ethical Leadership – Asian Context and Evangelical Perspective (Rev. Dr. Richard Howell), Ethical Leadership in the Biblical and Theological Discourse (Rev. Dr. Paul Ueki), Leadership as Discipleship – The Next Generation (Bambang Budijanto, Ph.D.), Redefining Global Mission from the perspective of Authentic Discipleship (Lawrence Ko), Ethical Leadership, Local Church and the Kingdom of God (Rev. Dr. Wirachai Kowae), The Indonesian Stories on Global Mission: Approaches, Strategies, Trends and Challenges (Dr. Iman Santoso, Ph.D.) and Stories on Younger Leaders and Mission Engagement (Rev. Dr. Ronny Mandang and Rev. Godfrey Yogarajah)The AEA Mission Commission and the Organizing Committee are very grateful and would like to thank the followings, for their generosity and partnership in hosting the AEA GA and CICM 2016:

  • The New Covenant Church, Bandung under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Bambang H. Wijaya for serving as the host church and committee for the event.
  • The Fellowship of Indonesia Evangelical Churches and Institutions, for their partnership in hosting the event.
  • PESAT Foundation for providing the administrative support for the event.

Bambang Budijanto, Ph.D.
Chairman, Organizing Committee

Click here to download the Press Release
Click here to download the Mission Commission Report

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