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For me, in my involvement as a Christian especially as it relates to our ALLIANCE concerns, involvement etc, Asian Biblical Leadership refers to providing LEADERSHIP wherever/whenever needed in Asia especially where Christian values can be enhanced or promoted in a winsome and winning way. This must of course done in a way and by Christians in a Biblical way.. For Singapore, this leadership has truly brought about TRANSFORMATION in country, community and church. For about 2 decades prior to the mid/late 1950s, Christianity in Singapore had been influenced by liberal theology and the Ecumenical movement from the west with resulting nominalism and compromises with secular and other prevalent religious precepts and prevalent then. This was certainly the situation with the English speaking.


The Chinese speaking Christians were not affected as liberal theology had not affected these churches. Furthermore the influence of Dr John Sung on these Chinese-speaking churches had been significant and a factor that later  brought an Evangelical awakening if not revival to the Country. Other factors were the influence of missionaries like those from CIM-OMF and SIM, inputs and ministries associated with the SINGAPORE BIBLE COLLEGE,  INTER-VARSITY and their respective CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIPS/UNIONS ( ie VCFs and EUs  and also GCF, their Graduates’ Christian Fellowship), Scripture Union (SU) and their Inter-School Christian Fellowship (ISCFs), Youth for Christ (YFC ) and Campus Crusade ( CCC now renamed as Cru ). While the traditional and usually larger denominations like the Methodists, Anglicans , Presbyterians and Lutherans were influenced by liberal theology, the BREATHREN, BAPTISTS and AOGs were not affected. But these largely kept to themselves then.


Steadily the Evangelicals grew in influence and received inspiration and impetus from the 1978 Billy Graham Crusade which also saw the birth of EFOS. The growing evangelical influence as well as the impact of the BG Crusade contributed significantly to the growing concern for MISSIONS and the challenge os seeing Singapore as one of the Antiochs of Asia. The Charismatic movement also brought about  considerable conversions and church growth. There is thus the constant challenge to ensure that both our individual Christians and churches, groups and organisations develop and grow  Biblically, being fully grounded in God’s word in precept and practice, witnessing winsomely and winningly by life and lip. The need to experience and express Christian unity, stewardship and working together would also be enhanced through our evangelical faith and convistions.

Dr Lawrence H L Chia

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