Sri Lanka is currently facing an unprecedented constitutional and political crisis. On 26th October, the former president Mahinda Rajapakse was appointed as the Prime Minister in a unconstitutional and unprecedent manner. This has led to an immense sense of unrest and instability in our country. At the moment, both Prime Ministers take the view that they are effective and both constitutional.

This unfortunate state of affairs has led to a great sense of instability and unrest in Sri Lanka. The political climate present, is very uncertain with rival political parties both attempting to gain power.

Some of the unfortunate incidents have occurred with most concerning is that of a pastor (from the western province) who was abducted, physically assaulted and severely beaten, he was later dropped off in a rural area– presently he is hospitalized. The information we received concerning this incident is that he was abducted because he was building a church in the area he was residing.

Please uphold Sri Lanka’s political crisis and the church in prayers:

  1. For the position of Prime Minister to be filled in accordance to the divine will of God.
  2. For the prevalence of peace and unity in Sri Lanka.
  3. For democracy, constitutional principles and the rule of law to be upheld.
  4. For further violence and panic to not grip the country or its citizens.
  5. For strength for the Sri Lankan Church to carry out its ministry unhindered during this time of political turmoil.
  6. For strength for the NCEASL to carry out its work during this time of political turmoil.

Please find attached document with a summary of the series of incidents and the legal argument for and against it.

Blessings and warmest regards,

Yamini Ravindran (Attorney-at-Law, LL.B)
Head, Legal & Advocacy 
Religious Liberty & Social Justice Commission
National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka

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