D6 ASIA 2023 Post-Conference Surveys

Our AEA-D6 Team will be surveying the state of church and home every year, on how we are doing in the area of family discipleship, using Here2Stay’s 8 Pillars framework to help us be more effective at passing down faith. Your input is important for this.

Also, your feedback on the D6 Family Conference is important to us.
Please just a few minutes to complete the form.

As incentive to complete the forms, all who submit it will be sent the link to access all 2023 recorded sessions when they are ready. You will be able to view them until the end of the year – don’t miss out on this chance to revisit and refer to these great resources.

Post Conference Survey



ការស្ទង់មតិ និង​ផ្ដល់ចម្លើយត្រឡប់អំពីសន្និបាតគ្រួសារ

Forms in Indonesian,  Khmer, Mongolian will be uploaded by the end of next week.

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