Asia Evangelical Alliance 40th Anniversary (1983-2023) – ACML’40 (Asian Church in a New Landscape

In the heart of a rapidly changing landscape, the 40th Anniversary of the Asia Evangelical Alliance (1983-2023), Asian Church and Mission in a New Landscape unfolded as a pivotal moment. Grounded in Joshua 3:4 “You’ve never been on this road before”, the Intergenerational Consultation of Kingdom Leaders delved into the intersection of church and mission in new and evolving landscape. 248 leaders from 24 nations, mostly in Asia converged under one roof to discern and envision the new landscape. The assembly was a living testament to the commitment to fulfill the Great Commission and a call to the Asian churches to unite, walk together, work together, and collectively be the resounding voice of mission in Asia and beyond. The conference recognized the necessity of involving the next generation, aiming to foster diverse perspectives and strengthen the church and mission. The Intergenerational Leadership and Authentic Discipleship stand as the framework of any AEA initiatives in advancing the Kingdom of God in Asia and beyond.

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