United India Votes for Stability

20 May 2009

New Delhi: The Indian voter has spoken – clearly, decisively and positively. Confounding the politicians, pollsters and pundits, the Indian National Congress party and the rump United Progressive Alliance (UPA) have received a resounding vote of confidence taking them into majority territory on their own. Even the optimistic Congress party was pleasantly surprised and the overconfident Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) still does not know what hit them. As the BJP introspects they should consider the voters’ verdict against the politics of polarization.
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Pray for Sri Lanka as Parliament votes on Anti-Conversion Bill

23 January 2009

The renewed interest by the JHU to proceed with the proposed anti-conversion bill and certain news reports have created much interest in this issue and fuelled many rumours. We write to keep you informed of the recent developments, action that NCEAL has been taking and what we propose to do together with you to address this challenge.
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Asia Co-ordinating Committee For Christian Cooperation

13 July 2002

Representatives of three All Asia Christian Organizations, namely, Christian Conference of Asia(CCA), Evangelical Fellowship of Asia(EFA) and World Vision(WV), came together on July 12-13, 2002 in Chennai, India, with a mandate to seek ways of strengthening our mutual understanding, relationship and cooperation in Christ’s mission in Asia. Therefore, we constituted ourselves as Asia Coordinating Committee for Christian Co-operation (ACCC).

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